The Investments of the ATPVM

Each year the ATPVM invests in a series of improvements.

  • to maintain the trains and site
  • to maintain and improve the access for the pubic
  • to maintain and improve the safety of the site (eg electricity, fire etc)
  • to maintain and improve the facilities for all


Investments 2014

To accomodate the persons with a wheelchair the ATPVM decided to make a carriage to take two wheelchairs at a time.

The idea was from the ATPVM. The construction of the carriage was by the students and staff at the St Joseph Lycee Professional (college) in Dijon. The painting of the carriage was by Capolungo, an enterprise in Massangis. The interior and seats were completed by the ATPVM.

The money was financed 50% by the Council of the Yonne (this region of Burgundy) and 50% by the ATPVM

Investments 2013

To accomodate groups of 60 people for a picnic in a covered area and also construct additional storeage.

The work was completed by the ATPVM (except the rendering which was made by the enterprise of Herve De'Batista at Tormancy

The project was financed 50% from the Council General of the Yonne and 50%  for the structural work by the ATPVM and a subsidy from the Marie at Massangis enabled the  purchase of 10 tables and 20 benches.