The equipment

To travel you will use one of both oars, every oar is composed of four cars covered with twelve places each, fabricated by the association, their chassis are hanging, the whole in colours A.T.P.V.M.

To tow these oars, locotracteurs three can be used.


  • the most engaging nicknamed " the doyen " one CAMPAGNE of 1910 equipped with a diesel CERES 2 Cylinders 15ch (tows 4 cars).
  •  Most imposing CALC JW15 of entirely repaired 1950 equipped also with CERES 2 Cylinders 15ch (tow 4 cars).
  •  The lightest Deutz FIL020 of 1953 mono-rolls in dish, 9ch (tow 2 cars).
  •  the last: Moes restored in 2012. (Not approved to tow).